Libseccomp 2.5.0 Released

On behalf of the libseccomp project I would like to announce libseccomp v2.5.0!

The libseccomp v2.5.0 release is backwards compatible with previous v2.x releases and is a drop-in replacement; no recompilation of applications is required. Applications will need to be restarted to take advantage of the new libseccomp release. While the v2.4.x release stream will be supported for at least one more maintenance release, all users and distributions are encouraged to upgrade to libseccomp v2.5.0.

The core libseccomp library is the work of 56 contributors, and this release is a significant upgrade over the libseccomp v2.4.x release stream. The v2.5.0 release brings new support for RISC-V and seccomp user notifications along with a number of bug fixes and performance improvements. A more detailed list of changes can be seen below: