The 2016 Linux Security Summit

I’m writing this post much later than intended, almost two months later to be honest. I had planned to write up my notes on the 2016 Linux Security Summit like I had done in previous years, but a combination of work, work travel, and my own vacation plans kept me from spending any time on this until now. Unfortunately, those two months have fuzzed away enough of the details that I think writing up my thoughts now wouldn’t be tremendously useful.

The good news is that we have recordings of all the presentations this year, a first for the Linux Security Summit. In case you haven’t seen the videos already, I’ve added them all to a YouTube playlist and put the link below. I’ve also provided a link to my presentation on the “State of SELinux”.

Lastly, I want to thank all the speakers, the program committee, and everyone who attended. In my opinion this was our best Linux Security Summit by almost every metric and I’m already looking forward to next year.